Hong Kong officials launch design competition for Bruce Lee museum


Officials are moving forward with plans to turn Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong home, which is currently a ‘love motel’, into a museum, by launching a design competition today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The redesigned mansion will include a memorial hall, library, kung fu studio and a film archive, which should please fans, who have been calling for an official monument in his hometown for years.

Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, and a panel of architects and town planners will judge the design competition, and the winners will be announced in November or December of this year, with a prize of HK$100,000 ($13,000) in prize money, at stake. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government has begun collecting Lee’s personal items and have commissioned a documentary about the late actor, along with one that will chronicle the construction of the museum, according to local Economic Development representatives, who held a press conference earlier today.

Officials also presented an eight-minute trailer of the biography, which is being produced by veteran Hong Kong director Ng See-yuen. It included interviews with John Woo; Lee’s frequent collaborator, Raymond Chow; Ip Chun, the eldest son of Bruce’s first kung fu teacher, Master Ip Man; and actress Betty Ting Pei, a close friend in whose home Lee died.

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