Comic-Con 2009: Day 4 starts

I had technical issues with the phone yesterday, so I wasn’t able to publish some of the photos I took of Robert Downey Jr., Hayao Miyazaki, Cameron Diaz, directors Peter Jackson & James Cameron, Rachel McAdams and a bunch of others. I’ll do that when I return. Jerry got some one-on-one interviews as well, so I have video of those to post, along with tons of other video and camerawork I did.

So day 4 starts, and much like the last 3 days, I’m starting off on line. I’ll be at a panel getting updates directly from Michael Jai White, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Prodigal Sunn from Wu Tang Clan and Reggie Hudlin. The fan in me hopes to get Tyrese to sign a copy of his new comic Mayhem, which he’s working with Image’s Todd MacFarlane on. We’ll see how it goes.

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