CONFIRMED: Ninja Assassin will screen at Comic-Con ’09 on Thursday night!


Rain plays Raizo in Ninja Assassin
Rain plays Raizo in Ninja Assassin

Sci-Fi Wire has confirmed a report on Collider that Warner Bros. will screen Ninja Assassin during Comic-Con ’09, this Thursday night around 11 PM.

According to reports, if you visit the Warner Brothers booth on Thursday, you can get tickets for the screening. But, as with all preview screenings, tickets don’t mean you’ll definitely get in.

Here’s what Sci-Fi Wire had to say about Ninja Assassin:

We’ll say this much about it: Ninja Assassin smartly honors the traditions of the martial-arts film with an original story that feels as ancient as ninjutsu itself, but with a modern sensibility that tweaks the genre’s conventions in new and surprising ways. The film takes the idea of the ninja, which had devolved into a self-parody, and made it potent and frightening again.

Ninja Assassin is scheduled to hit theaters on November 25th.

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