Producer says Frank Miller working on 300 sequel

Scene from 300
Scene from 300

Producer Mark Canton revealed exclusively to MTV’s SplashPage that Frank Miller is working on “something” for a sequel to the action epic 300, adding that he’s onboard to return for a Zack Snyder-directed continuation of the story. “That, Zack has said,” the 300 producer told the news blog.

Canton, who is currently at work on a Fame reboot, the horror film Piranha 3-D and the romantic drama Letters to Juliet, also added that Snyder and Miller have agreed on the basic setting of the story, but that things are progressing slowly.

“[The key to the sequel] is about getting it right, you know,” the producer said of their dilemma after having killed off virtually the entire cast in the first film. “Frank is a perfectionist, and so is Zack. And I think they set the bar pretty high.”

Canton also revealed that even King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) could be brought back from the dead (WHAT?). “Never assume anything; never assume anything,” he said when I asked if the original cast were gone for good.

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