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Hammer/Shaw Brothers’ cult hybrid Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires to be remade

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Scene from Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
Scene from Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

Reports are that Hammer Films’ 1974 cult martial arts Dracula epic The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires is set to be remade by indie production company Spitfire PIctures, according to a report by BloodyDigusting.

The original film, directed by Roy Ward Baker, was one of the collaborations between Hammer and the Shaw Brothers Studio in Hong Kong, aimed at tapping into the 1970s martial arts film craze. Peter Cushing played Professor Van Helsing, and teamed up with a Chinese family to rid a village of a vampire plague, which has been orchestrated by Dracula himself, in the disguise of a Shaolin monk.

The original also starred Shaw Brothers regular David Chiang, who also appeared in Seven Kung Fu Assassins, Seven Man Army, Bruce Lee’s Magnum Fist and Flaming Swords.

I assume the project ended up on Spitfire’s radar because their parent company, Exclusive Media, owns the newly revived Hammer brand.

Let’s see if they can match the quality of the vampire/kung fu original (See below).


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