Columbine-themed indie film April Showers sets download records

April Showers, the semi-autobiographical Columbine High School-themed independent feature film, written and directed by Columbine survivor Andrew Robinson, has set records via its unique distribution model on both iTunes and Indieflix.

On Tuesday, May 5th, the film became the #1 most downloaded independent film in the country on iTunes, and #65 overall – on the title’s first day of home viewing release. Day Two’s standing improved to #30 overall, and is steadily climbing. Similarly, according to the Indieflix website, the film’s domestic DVD and Blu-Ray distributor, April Showers has become their #1 all-time best-selling title, also on its first day of release.

April Showers was released theatrically in eighteen cities on April 24th, including sold-out engagements at the Rave Theater in Omaha, Nebraska, where it has been held-over indefinitely. The film’s prompt release to home viewing platforms has not been without its share of controversy – the Marcus Theater chain in both Wisconsin and Colorado pulled the film days prior to its scheduled theatrical exhibition – due to the proximity of the iTunes and Indieflix release dates.

Though the film did not have a marketing budget, April Showers received a deluge of international publicity due to its theatrical release on the week of the tenth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. The film has been critically lauded for its realism, and various school officials nationwide are prepping curriculums on school safety issues, utilizing the film as its basis. Also announced is a planned television special on the making of April Showers, and The April Showers Foundation, a charitable concern.

A portion of all downloads, and DVD and Blu-Ray sales, will also be donated to charity.

Find out more about April Showers at its website