David Morrissey talks Centurion and set photos pop-up online

Neil Marshalls Centurion 2009 by Aaron Sneddon
Neil Marshalls Centurion 2009 by Aaron Sneddon

David Morrissey spoke exclusively to Empire Magazine on his experiences filming Doomsday director Neil Marshall’s upcoming historical epic Centurion, while at the U.K. premiere of his new film Is Anybody There.

The actor told the magazine:

“It’s all about the Roman legion in England, so that’s why I have a crew cut! It’s all action sequences: all I do is run around, fighting, and riding horses! My character is one of a team of seven who are trying to escape and the Scottish Picts are after us. My character is basically Michael Fassbender’s right-hand man really and that was a great job to do, very phsyically draining but I loved every minute of it…”

Knowing Marshall’s work – which includes Dog Soldiers and The Descent, Centurion will also contain heaps of blood and disturbing violence along with all that action. The film is due in theaters later this year, and also stars Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko, Max Payne and Noel Clarke.

Also, freelance photographer Aaron Sneddon replied to an earlier story I wrote about Centurion HERE, and was nice enough to provide a link to a batch of on-set photos he took from the production, including the sample above. CLICK HERE to see the whole lot of ’em.