Donnie Darko sequel to be previewed at New York Comic Con

Discover the world of S. Darko, the upcoming sequel to the cult thriller Donnie Darko. S. Darko follows Samantha Darko, the younger sister of Donnie, the protagonist of the original Donnie Darko, and her friend, Corey, on their way to Los Angeles. Along the way, their car breaks down and forces them to wait in a small town until it is fixed. While there, Samantha begins to have dreams that warn her of the end of the universe.

The Chris Fisher (Nightstalker) film stars Jackson Rathbone, Ed Westwick, Briana Evigan, Elizabeth Berkley, Daveigh Chase, James Lafferty, Matthew Davis, John Hawkes, Zulay Henao, Kristina Malota, Marina Malota, Bret Roberts and Barbara Tarbuck.

This panel will feature the cast and crew of the film, which is due out in theaters later this year. It will take place on Saturday starting at 5:30pm, in Room 1A08.