Dark Knight producer’s son carves his own path with martial arts, action and comics partnership

Creative Impulse Entertainment, which recently expanded from film and music video production into comics, and has the first comic series in the history of the industry to include DVD media with each issue (the flagship JFH: Justice-For-Hire) today announced a multimedia partnership with COG 1 Entertainment.

COG 1 is headed by David Uslan, a second-generation comic book and entertainment industry veteran, who spent years as Head of Creative Development under his father, uber-producer Michael Uslan, who was greatly responsible for the 1989 return of Batman to the silver screen, as well as every other Bat-film since, including last summer’s The Dark Knight. After branching out with COG 1, David saw the potential in the CIE comics.

The company currently has four independent comic book films already set up at studios and production companies in Hollywood.

“COG 1 and myself are looking forward to a long, illustrious partnership with Jan and the creative geniuses behind CIE,” Uslan proclaims. “We’ll be making some major announcements in regards to films and games shortly,” said Jan Lucanus, founder of Creative Impulse. “Both companies have been hard at work putting some great deals together, so fans should expect some very exciting news at the Comic Con and beyond”.

For more info on the company’s projects visit www.creativeimpulseent.com.