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Stuntman Hand-Numbered Limited Edition Original Soundtrack Reissue



1 in stock

VinylSKU: 181026-76757-1
UPC: 8016670123699
Part No: SP08
Weight: 1.14 lbs
Condition: New

Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons | Throwback Space
Formats: Vinyl
Genres: Car Films | Comedy | Crime | Cult Cinema | Drama
Studio: Spettro
Original U.S. Release: December 31, 1968
Item Release Date: November 10, 2017
Rating: R
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The jazz beat soundtrack, composed by Maestro Rustichelli for the caper / crime Movie ”Stuntman” directed by Marcello Baldi in 1968. The film starred Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Viharo, Marisa Mell and Marie Dubois. The orchestra was directed in the studio by Bruno Nicolai, with the participation of Alessandro Alessandroni’s “I Cantori Moderni” (The Modern Singers) choir and was produced by Franco De Gemini. The first print of this soundtrack was released by CAM in 1969 and is one of the most sought after records by record collectors around the globe.

The number listed on the backside photo is not the actual edition available. The image is meant for reference only.

Special Features

  • Available for the first time on vinyl since 1968
  • Limited Edition of 500 pressed


  • Controfigura
    We're Two, At Least!
    Russian Dance
    Per Tutte Le Strade
    Swing E Sesso
    Old Night Club Sound
    Two Cars Only
    Per Tutte Le Strade
    We're Two, At Least!
    Swing E Sesso
    Two Cars Only
    Per Tutte Le Strade
    Swing E Sesso
    Per Tutte Le Strade


  • Number of Discs: 1

Cast: Gina Lollobrigida | Marie Dubois | Marisa Mell | Paul Muller | Robert Viharo
Directors: Marcello Baldi
Project Name: Stuntman
Composers: Maestro Rustichelli

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