Trailer for thriller Pintu Terlarang (Forbidden Door)

Poster art for Forbidden Door
Poster art for Forbidden Door
Variety’s Asian Film Blogger posted this trailer for the new film by Indonesian director Joko Anwar called Pintu Terlarang (Forbidden Door).

Forbidden Door revolves around a successful sculptor whose life run by a domineering wife and mother, who discovers a secret organization where members can watch the lives of most dysfunctional, depraved families in town, via feeds from hidden cameras in their homes. When he stumbles upon a channel showing a little boy being viciously abused by his parents, he attempts to find and save the child. But his quest leads him to a secret door back in his own home, that could be the answer to many puzzles.

Read the director’s blog and find some beautiful photos from the film at

There’s more exclusive stills over at Twitch.

Check out the trailer below.

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