Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay bringing Cocaine Cowboys TV series to HBO

Scene from Cocaine Cowboys
Scene from Cocaine Cowboys
Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay are executive producing a drama TV series for HBO, based on the Miami cocaine trade documentary Cocaine Cowboys, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cold Case creator Meredith Stiehm, which Jerry Bruckheimer also produces, is writing the pilot for the show.

Billy Corben’s 2006 documentary, profiled the early days of cocaine trafficking in a violent Miami. Bay brought the idea to Bruckheimer, and will produce with him, Stiehm, Kristie Anne Reed and Jonathan Littman.

Film Fetish Trivia: There is also a feature film based on the 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys in the works. Billy Corben also released a straight to DVD sequel to the 2006 indie favorite, titled Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin’ with the Godmother, which followed the exploits of Oakland, California cocaine dealer Charles Cosby, who became the lover and business partner of Griselda Blanco, a dangerous cocaine kingpin, who was jailed during the events of the first movie.

Below is a trailer from the original Cocaine Cowboys documentary.

Below is a teaser trailer from the sequel.