Legendary Wo Ping’s newest project underway

Conceptual art from True Legend
Conceptual art from True Legend
Variety reports that last Sunday, Yuen Wo-ping, legendary fight choreographer of The Matrix and Kill Bill films, held a press conference and announced his new project, titled True Legend. The film tells the tale of fictional Chinese folk hero Beggar So, who is famously portrayed in Wo Ping’s own Drunken Master movie.

Yuen’s father, Simon Yuen Siu-tien, played Beggar So in that film and in a few others. The film stars Andy On, Zhou Xun , Jay Chou and Zhao Wen-zhou playing Beggar So. Zhao was Jet Li’s replacement in the Once Upon A Time In China series.

Wo Ping says he’s excited for the film and that he didn’t know exactly what the budget is nor when exactly the final movie would be released.

Reports say that True Legend has been filming since mid-September, but the shoot has been kept semi-secret.

Get more info and a production diary from the film at www.yuenwooping-truelegend.com.

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