The Butcher to debut in the UK


Metrodome, the largest film distributor in the UK, has signed with World Films, to release The Butcher, written and directed by Jesse Johnson, in the spring of 2009.

Gaining popularity among movie-goers and critics alike, The Butcher stars Eric Roberts, who earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his performances in Runaway Train and King of Gypsies and who most recently played mob kingpin Salvatore Maroni in Batman The Dark Knight. The Butcher recounts the tale of Merle Hench, ex-prize fighter turned mob enforcer unlucky in love and life until he gets the cash, the girl and his pride, for a price.

The Butcher co-stars Robert Davi, who is best known for his performances in License to Kill, Die Hard and Profiler and also features Emmy Award-winning star of film, television and stage Keith David (Something About Mary, Crash and Armageddon); award-winning Finnish actress Irina Bjorklund; along with tough guy actor Michael Ironside (Top Gun, The Perfect Storm, Total Recall and Starship Troopers).

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Below is the trailer for The Butcher.

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