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Holiday Greeting Card Bundle Set 1
Holiday Greeting Card Bundle Set 1
Most of us have our regular mailing list of friends and family to send greeting cards to for the holidays. Up until two years ago, this was a fairly mundane process for me. So that year, me and the Mrs. decided to make our own set of greeting cards to spice things up. She has the paper-cutting skills of a surgeon, so she crafted some beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind die-cuts, with all manner of traditional holiday imagery.

Since most of my friends are as depraved and sadistic as I am, I decided that Christmas stockings and sleigh bells just wouldn’t do. So I created some designs based on pin-ups and other fantastic illustration that I admire, and they were a hit. So this holiday season we decided to formally publish some of the greetings, and make them available to the public.

I am giving you guys (and gals) the chance to WIN one of ten boxed sets of the first two-card bundle pack available, which just went on sale exclusively at The set includes a total of ten greeting cards, with five of each design, packaged in a white cardholder, with a clear plastic lid.

I’ve decided to open up this contest to readers everywhere. That means if you’re notified by email that you’ve won, and you’re in, say – Germany, you still win the boxed set, and it will be mailed to you.

As with most of our contests, winning is simple. Just sign-up for the daily film and contest updates, and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the card bundles.

Keep an eye on also, as I’ll be releasing a greeting card line called Cinematic Greetings, which contain themes from retro and modern films, as well as TV and gaming. Of course, I will notify readers about those developments, as they happen, and I’ll be giving away multiple boxed sets of those cards on, as soon as they’re released also. So, if for any reason, you don’t win in this contest, there will be more chances to get a set of these limited edition goodies.

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