Release Dates: 2005

Production Company: Patagonik Film Group / TJM

In Argentina, a country that has been broken down and corrupted by poverty, Pablo (Matias Desiderio) and Mario (Brian Maya) are best friends and fun-loving thieves in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. Although they come from very different backgrounds, the two commit petty crimes that help Pablo support his family and Mario become financially independent from his own. In a twist of fate, and because of their own ignorance, they become involved in an express-kidnapping that will change their lives forever. This tragedy, Shakespearean in scope and Scorsesian in execution, triggers and unmasks a series of dramatic events, among them a passionate affair between Mario and Pablo’s sister Julieta (Manuela Pal). Unable to escape their past, and faced with an uncertain future, the love these two friends share is exposed while their loyalty and integrity are tested.

Crew: Eduardo Pinto (director); Federico Finkielstain and Brian Maya (writers); Pablo Bossi and Omar Jadur (associate producers)

Cast: Brian Maya as Mario Segal, Matias Desiderio as Pablo, Manuela Pal as Julieta, Edgardo Nieva as Stevie, Christina Banegas as Beba, Martin Adjemian as Detective, Pablo Tagliani as Fabi, David Di Napoli as Dante, Luis Maria Montanari as La Mole, Hernan Dalo as Modelo testigo, Miguel Dedovich as Ernesto Segal, Azul Lombardia as Jimena, Lautaro Delgado as Enrique, Alicia Schilman as Beatriz Segal and Maya Lesca as Valeria Segal

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