High Tension film review


Year: 2005

This French-to-English, fast-paced gore-fest that will have your heart pounding, your head spinning, and your stomach squeamish, all to which the blood lovers out there will find very appealing.

Marie and Alex, two college friends, spend a weekend at Alex’s parents’ farm before studying for college exams. One problem. Death rings the doorbell in the middle of the night and the terror begins. Marie (Cécille De France, who resembles a young Bibi Andersson) feverishly struggles to save the life of her best friend, Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco), that has been viciously abducted by a Michael Meyers-esque sexual psychopathic killer (Philippe Nahon) that has just killed Alex’s entire family.

It’s an artsy horror flick, with great photography, great pacing, intense scenes, and a heart-pounding score. It boasts great special FX makeup and great gory sound effects. Some may find a few sexual situations kind of disturbing but to the “freaks” out there, it just heightens the deviousness of the rush. There’s a chainsaw scene that would make Leatherface proud and a good twist at the end, although it may not have been necessarily needed. So if you like the blood squirting and gushing and your palms sweating and knuckles whitening, then High Tension is a nice source.

Review for FilmFetish.com by Charles Kenneth Maye

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