Think Like A Man Too film review

So, the gang’s all back for a wedding and a weekend of naughtiness in Sin City. The couples separate for their bachelor/bachelorette parties and the mayhem quickly ensues. The fellas, led once again by Kevin Hart, try and make Michael’s (Terrence J) last night of freedom the best he’s ever had, but of course, they ….

Charles reviews Cop Out

Wow. This was pretty bad. Where do I begin? To say this flick was pretty much the epitome of “clichés” pretty much sums it up. Nothing really new but even their attempt on the “old” was…well…old. Bruce Willis offered nothing fresh, while Tracy Morgan pretty much showed that one can only take his style of ….

Charles calls Zombieland a hilarious “Romantic Zombedy”

The rules to a good zombie flick: Lots of “Blood & Gore” (and I don’t mean Al) – Check! Speedy undead feverishly chasing their next human meal – Check! Romance – Check!…Wait…WTF? – Zombieland: A Love Story Ok, so they created a new genre: Romantic Zombedy. Not surprising, since it was originally supposed to have ….

The Soloist film review

Here’s a review of the new Jamie Foxx/Robert Downey Jr. film The Soloist, by long-time contributor Sir Charles Maye. Ok, so this is pretty tricky. This review is kinda like Lindsay Lohan – it goes both ways, so bear with me. The Soloist is about homeless, Julliard-trained cellist/violinist Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx) who’s suffering from ….

Fast & Furious film review

Ok, so, the ole gang is back. Thank the heavens above. As a fan of the series, it was good to see the O.G.s again. F&F: Tokyo Drift was REALLY reachin’ with Bow Wow in it. Vin Deezy (Dom), Paul Walker (Brian), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Jordana Brewster (Mia) all return for the fourth installment ….

Constellation film review

Year: 2005 Constellation deals with an African-American family dealing with racial and familial issues in Huntsville, Alabama. It stars Billy Dee Williams as a bitter man still harboring the ill-effects of the old South and its prejudiced practices that he holds responsible for his sister’s (Gabrielle Union) life-wasting pursuit of a white man that could ….

Daddy’s Little Girls film review

Year: 2007 “Daddy’s Little Girls” takes baby-mama-drama to a whole ‘notha level. The story revolves around a struggling mechanic (Idris Elba) who’s fighting for custody of his three girls from his ultra-ghettofied, hoochi-ass ex-girlfriend (Tasha Smith), whose ruthless boyfriend is the local “street pharmacist.” As he fights for custody, he falls for the attorney (Gabrielle ….

Dreamgirls film review

Year: 2006 Ok, I just saw Dreamgirls…or what I like to call Behind The Music: Destiny’s Child (Just ki’in! LOL). Since the “remake” theme is the new norm for Hollywood, I can say I’ve never seen the play (Damn shame, ain’t it?), so it was a good thing and a bad thing: Good that I ….

Flip the Script film review

Year: 2005 Flip the Script is a romantic comedy about two high school loves trying at reconnect as a result from the loss of a mutual high school friend. Robin Givens plays a massage therapist still holding on to feelings for her high school love, played by Miguel A. Nunez Jr., now a successful gynecologist, ….

The Gospel film review

Year: 2005 The Gospel is about a man (Boris Kodjoe); a secular music star that returns to his father’s church after his father falls ill. Now before I begin my critique, can anyone tell me if I’ll go to Hell for giving a religious film a bad review? Damn. Ok, well, I better not be ….