Soul Men – Soul to Soul film review

Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Leal and Bernie Mac in Soulmen
Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Leal and Bernie Mac in Soulmen
“Soul Men” is about two washed-up and estranged backup R&B singers trying for that one last shot at soul glory. 

Helmed by “The Best Man” director Malcolm D. Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac play “bitter” (Bernie as Floyd Henderson) and “bitterest” (Sam as Louis Hinds) as they get their road trip on to play one last tribute song at the Apollo for their fallen lead singer (played by John Legend) of their 60s group.

Along the way, they encounter missteps and mishaps, most we’ve seen before, like the whole “groupie” schtick, but they still manage to pay-out the chuckles on most of them. Even though it was pretty formulaic, it did have its moments of hilarity, and Mac and Jackson had pretty good chemistry. I still can’t believe Bernie Mac is gone, but it sure was good to see him gettin’ his funny on for one last time.  Another interesting note: they also do most of their own singing – but not that that was a “good” thang though LOL – but they were pretty decent.

It had more physical comedy than I was expecting from these two, and some of it I didn’t really care for because it seemed unnecessary, but other times it was pretty funny. Also, the language was raw and uncut, Sam and Mac in vintage form. It has a TON of cussing and a bunch of mammary shots, so please leave the little ones at home. I think I counted ‘motherfucker’ 63 times and saw a total of 12 breastesies – 2 of which were HUMUNGADOCIOUS! LOL.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll be leaving the theater humming the songs…and missing both Bernie and Isaac even more.

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