Flip the Script film review

Year: 2005

Flip the Script is a romantic comedy about two high school loves trying at reconnect as a result from the loss of a mutual high school friend.

Robin Givens plays a massage therapist still holding on to feelings for her high school love, played by Miguel A. Nunez Jr., now a successful gynecologist, who also feels the same heat between the two of them. Givens and Nunez Jr. give very convincing performances and they have pretty good chemistry to boot.

Urged on by each other’s false reports of their respective engagements, their sexually intense hijinx gets further fueled by their meddling friends, Mel Jackson and Jazsmin Lewis. Jackson steals the movie with his portrayal of a cocky (Pun definitely intended) lawyer always bragging about his extravagant home as he dishes out very questionable love advice to Nunez Jr. while Lewis plays the outspoken, fast-hussy that has no shame in her game when telling Givens how she should handle her business with Nunez Jr., raw, unadulterated, and uncut.

Shot in only 11 days, it’s a freshly passed and creative take on the “Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl back” act as we drop in on them in the middle of the “Boy gets Girl back” part of the story. It has great laughs with great timing. The ending action seemed a bit off kilter and a character central to the story appeared late in the film, but overall it was a nice ride with pretty good laughs. The film also stars Bianca Lawson, Randy Goodwin, Teck Holmes and Obba Bobatunde.

The filmmakers are currently looking for distribution and an official release date has not been set but they believe it may go straight to video, so we’ll keep an eye out for you.

Review for FilmFetish.com by Charles Kenneth Maye

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