Daddy’s Little Girls film review

Year: 2007

“Daddy’s Little Girls” takes baby-mama-drama to a whole ‘notha level. The story revolves around a struggling mechanic (Idris Elba) who’s fighting for custody of his three girls from his ultra-ghettofied, hoochi-ass ex-girlfriend (Tasha Smith), whose ruthless boyfriend is the local “street pharmacist.” As he fights for custody, he falls for the attorney (Gabrielle Union) taking on his case, whom is having her own issues trying to find a good brotha.

Immediately, the girls steal your heart, especially the youngest, who’s as sassy as they come – neck-rollin’; and all. They give heart-wrenching performances guaranteed to have you in tears. Elba is strong in his role and you feel for the brotha’s struggle and battle. Union gives a terrific performance as the uppity lawyer-chick, even though I felt she fell somewhat fast for Elba in what seemed like a short period of time (*popping collar* Then again, I have had that exact effect on sistas so it IS possible *wink!*). Yo, I know you can’t put a clock on love, but damn!…and they didn’t even do the grown-up!

I thought Smith was a bit over the top as “hoodrat moms” but then again, maybe I just haven’t been exposed to any ghetto-extraordinaire chicks to that degree – but I’m sure they’re out there! Overall, it’s a very powerful film that I definitely recommend.

Review © 2007 by Charles Kenneth Maye

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