Genre: DRAMA

Production Company: Charlie Guidance
Flux Films
High Line Productions
Mirage Enterprises
Tiny Dancer Films

Dina Korzun plays the Russian girlfriend of James Alan (Rip Torn), a famous Memphis music producer in Ira Sachs’ beautifully made love triangle FORTY SHADES OF BLUE. Korzun is a revelation as a woman not of our culture who is drawn into a messy affair with James’ son (Darren Burrows) when he visits his legendary father on the occasion of a music industry honor. As conflicts between these three people deepen, and as their resentments and disappointments are revealed, Korzun’s face becomes a medium for the complex emotions conjured by Sachs and Michael Rohatyn’s very grown-up screenplay. It’s also hard to imagine anyone but Rip Torn in the role: he brings a Shakespearean balance of comedy and tragedy to the film that will surely have people talking at Sundance and beyond. FORTY SHADES OF BLUE is Sachs’ second feature: his film The Delta premiered at Sundance and was released by Strand in 1996. After Sundance, FORTY SHADES OF BLUE will next screen in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Crew: Ira Sachs (co-writer and director); Michael Rohatyn (co-writer); Mary Bing, Margot Bridger, Jawal Nga and Donald Rosenfeld (producers); Mike S. Ryan (line producer); Diane von Fürstenberg, Geoff Stier and Sydney Pollack (executive producers)

Cast: D’Army Bailey, J. Blackfoot, Darren E. Burrows as Michael, Jerry Chipman as Shel, Jim Dickinson, Stuart Greer as Tom Skolnick, Andrew Henderson as Sam James, Charly Kayle as Karin, Howard Keltner as Sales Consultant, Arielle Kight, Dina Korzun as Laura, Todd Malta as Waiter, Mary Jean McAdams as Gina, Emily McKenna as April James, Jenny O’Hara as Celia, Joanne Pankow as Betty, Charles Pitts, Stan Prachniak as Bartender #2, Forrest Pruett as Gary, Sid Selvidge, Paprika Steen as Lonni, Rip Torn as Alan James, John Boyd West as Barry and Red West as Duigan

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