Premium film review

Year: 2006

Premium is a film about Cool (Dorian Missick), a 28-year-old struggling actor tired of auditioning for stereotypical African-American roles and, along with being stuck in a dead end job as a gas station attendant, he rides a bike and lives at home with his mother and her boyfriend, who also happens to be his boss.

As he meaninglessly goes through the motions of his life, he happens along his ex-fiancé (Zoe Saldana) who is now engaged to a buppie lawyer (Hill Harper) and set to marry in 36 hours which then forces him to reassess his life.

Premium boasts a very solid cast; unfortunately the chemistry between Missick and Saldana isn’t really there to have the movie-goer believe he has an actual shot to win her back.

However, Harper and Saldana do have great chemistry. These two seem to work well together, as they were paired up in last year’s Constellation that pitted them as lost loves struggling to find some answers as to why they didn’t work out.

Despite the lack of chemistry with Saldana, Missick did a good job all around. His comedic abilities were pretty impressive and his dramatic turns are equally noted as well.

The story has its heartfelt moments but the ending was a bit murky and unresolved, which left me wondering a few key things.

The director, Pete Chatmon, says Premium will have a limited theatrical release in the near future.

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