Release Dates: 2005

Production Company: Cabezahueca / Tequila Gang / Producciones Anhelo

When the star of a sensationalistic Miami news show travels to the Ecuadorian coastal village of Babahoyo to cover the story of a serial killer known as Monster of Babahoyo, who hunts children, his personal ambition gets out of hand, and his pursuit of a moment of glory carries tragic consequences.

Crew: Sebastian Cordero (writer and director); Carolina Fox and Lisandra Rivera (line producers); Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Jorge Vergara, Bertha Navarro and Isabel Davalos (producers); Frida Torresblanco (executive producer)

Cast: Damian Alcazar as Vinicio Cepeda, John Leguizamo as Manolo Bonilla, Gloria Leyton, Alfred Molina as Victor, Leonor Watling as Marisa and Jose Maria Yazpik as Ivan

Studio: Palm Pictures (US Distributor)

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Guillermo del Toro, one of the producers of Cronicas, has directed such Hollywood hits as Blade 2, Hellboy and Mimic. Del Toro is currently working on the sequel to Hellboy, due in 2006.

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