Fort Knox Cracking Open

Originally Published: April 3, 2005

Charles Segars, who had great success recently with the Nicolas Cage movie National Treasure, has sold a pitch to Warner Brothers for a heist flick called Fort Knox, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Warner based Thunder Road Pictures will produce the film. Sparkler Production’s Kristi Felton, who helped develop the pitch, will also serve as an associate producer.

The storyline for the movie is apparently being kept hush-hush, but the Fort Know set pic is said to involve many twists and turns and unusual plot devices.

Thunder Road is currently shooting The Wrong Element, starring Harrison Ford, and is also prepping a remake of the Burt Reynold’s action film Sharky’s Machine. The unit is also developing a feature adaptation of Chris Mackey’s The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War Against Al Qaeda.

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