DreamWorks Film Preview 2005

Originally Published: December 23, 2005

Film Fetish has gotten a hold of mucho preview information on DreamWorks top films coming to a theater near you in 2005.

DreaWorks Animation is taking a noticable step up in the ranks, with two features on deck, Wallace and Gromit and Madagascar. The animation division has just gone public, so look for increased output from them in the future.

The two films I am personally most looking forward to are The Ring Two and The Island. The Island is an action thriller directed by Michael Bay that looks to have a lot of potential. The script is by Caspian Tredwell-Owen, who also wrote Beyond Borders and two writers from the TV show Alias (we will be posting a season preview on Alias later today).

Well, I hate to make people wait, so onto the full list. Click on the movie’s title to see photos, trailers and a full synopsis.

The Ring TwoNaomi Watts (21 Grams) reprises the role of investigative reporter Rachel Keller in The Ring Two, the sequel to the 2002 horror hit The Ring. Hideo Nakata, the director of the original Japanese blockbuster Ringu upon which The Ring was based, directed The Ring Two, which marks his American film debut.

The IslandMichael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) directs the futuristic action thriller The Island, starring Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: Episodes I and II, Moulin Rouge!) and Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation, Girl With a Pearl Earring).

Casshern – The Japanese science fiction action hit Casshern marked the feature film directorial debut of acclaimed Japanese music video director Kazuaki Kiriya, who also wrote the original screenplay.

Red Eye – From director Wes Craven (the Scream franchise) comes Red-Eye, a suspense thriller at 30,000 feet.

Just Like Heaven – From Mark Waters, the director of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, comes the new romantic comedy Just Like Heaven, starring Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Vanity Fair) and Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30, Collateral).

MadagascarBen Stiller (Meet the Parents), Chris Rock (Chris Rock Never Scared), David Schwimmer (TV’s Friends) and Jada Pinkett Smith (Collateral) star as the voices of four zoo animals who hang up when they hear the call of the wild.

Wallace & Gromit – The cheese-loving Wallace and his ever faithful dog Gromit-the much-loved duo from Aardman’s Oscar-winning clay-animated Wallace & Gromit shorts-star in an all new comedy adventure, marking their first full-length feature film.


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