Boogeyman Trailer and Photos

Originally Published: December 3, 2004

We have had these for a while, and finally we’re able to share. We have links to the trailer for the upcoming Sony Pictures horror release, Boogeyman, as well as some cool photos from the film.

Boogeyman is directed by Stephen T. Kay and stars Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Lucy Lawless, Robyn Malcolm, Charles Mesure, Tory Mussett, Louise Wallace, Michael Saccente and Lee Foreman. The movie was written by Eric Kripke.

Set in Chicago, the story tells the haunting tale of a young man traumatized by memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom and who, years later, reluctantly returns home to face his fears of a monstrous entity that could be real or merely a figment of his imagination.

Here is a link to the film library page that contains the trailer links, and the photos. CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT HERE.

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