Bewitched Trailer Appears


Originally Published: December 3, 2004

Sony Pictures is releasing a big screen version of one of my favorite television shows, Bewitched. Now they’ve posted a trailer for the film online for viewing. The story of the original show deals with Samantha, a powerful member of the society of witches who has lived apart from humanity for many centuries, that meets and falls in love with a mortal named Darrin Stephens. Much to the disgust of most of her family, she vows to give up witchcraft and become an ordinary suburban housewife, raising a family. She bears two kids, Tabitha and Adam. Never able to give up her heritage completely, the friction between the matriarchal, moneyless society of her birth and the patriarchal, capitalist society of modern advertising drove the comedy to eight seasons and 256 episodes, from 1964 to 1971.

The film version is being directed by Nora Ephon, and stars Nicole Kidman as Samantha and Will Ferrell as Darrin Stephens.

You can find the trailer RIGHT HERE.

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