A History of Violence Preview


Originally Published: March 28, 2005

How cool is David Cronenberg? The Fly, Crash, Rabid, The Dead Zone, Spider…The list goes on. He is a genius in my humble opinion. He seems to choose the subjects no one else looks at, but are so obvious. His style haunts me long after I leave a movie theater. I can still see Christopher Walken grab the young girl’s hand in the burning bed, when he first realizes he has ‘the gift’ in The Dead Zone.

His new thriller, A History of Violence examines how far a man is willing to go in his quest for redemption and to protect his family. Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Hidalgo) stars as Tom McKenna, a man who leads a quiet, charmed life with his loving wife and family in a small town. But when an unexpected incident turns bloody and brings unwanted attention to him, Tom is forced to return to his secret past in order to rescue his family from peril. The film also features Ed Harris and Maria Bello.

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