French Thriller Thieves Gets Remade

Originally Published: March 24, 2005

According to Variety, Warner Independent Pictures and Mission Entertainment have closed a deal with Canal Plus for the rights to remake the 1996 Andre Techine-directed French thriller Les Voleurs, also called Thieves.

Andre Techine’s ambitious crime drama starts with a prologue in which a little boy is awakened in the middle of the night by two strangers bringing home his father’s body. The story of the deceased, Ivan (Didier Bezace), and his involvement with car thieves unfolds in flashbacks as told by different people, including Ivan’s policeman brother Alex (Daniel Auteuil); Juliette (Laurence Cote), a young woman involved with the both brothers; and Marie (Catherine Deneuve), an unhappy philosophy professor in love with Juliette.

This could be a remake that works, if they choose the right director for the project. The original moved very stylishly across the screen and the characters were slowly released to the audience through quality editing choices.

Check out the Film Library RIGHT HERE for photos and the trailer from the original film. Enjoy!

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