New Wolf Man film underway

According to Variety, producers Scott Stuber and Mary Parent have found a director for their remake of Universal’s classic The Wolf Man. Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) will helm the reprise of the 1941 thriller from a script by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en, 8MM, Sleepy Hollow). Benicio Del Toro is set to play the hairy human, and produce. The paper reports that it’s been a long held dream project for the actor. The new Wolf Man movie will still be set in Victorian Era England, and the central character will be an American returning to claim his ancestral home when he falls victim to the ancient curse that makes him grow hair in abnormal places, and crave human flesh.

Del Toro is also set to play Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara de la Serna, in two films due in 2008; Guerrilla and The Argentine. He will also appear opposite Halle Berry in Things We Lost in the Fire, about recent widow who invites her husband’s troubled best friend to live with her and her two children, who eventually turns his life around, and helps the family cope with their loss. That film also stars David Duchovny and Alison Lohman.

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