U.K. Indie Film Spotlight


Jag Mundhra announced that he has launched his film production company, Cine Boutique Entertainment U.K. To start his next film project Shoot On Sight. The film Shoot on Sight is a suspense drama dealing with the current terrorism attacks in UK through a London Metropolitan Police Officer of Muslim heritage who must display courage and persevere in his duties in face of family conflict. The film is slated to start shooting in early January 2007.

Cine Boutique plans to be a vertically integrated entertainment media company in the business of production, marketing and distribution of quality films for global crossover audience. In forming Cine Boutique, Jag Mundhra has partnered with, New York based NRI industrialist, Aron Govil, who recently promoted the HEATshow in North America starring Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta.

From Concept to Consumer, Cine Boutique will create moderate budget films which are strongly driven by concept rather than stars. When the company is fully functional, at any point in time there will be five feature films in the pipeline: one at each stage of the cycle from development to pre-production to production to post-production to release.

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