Thor and Fantastic Four 2 Updates

While speaking at Charlotte’s Heroes Convention 2006 J. Michael Straczynski let slip that David Goyer, writer of Blade and Batman Begins, is set to write a treatment for a Thor film. It’s not known whether that means he’s rewriting the script that Mark Protosevich has already written, or coming up with something completely new.

Based on the legendary thunder deity, Thor might not seem like the perfect superhero-comic-to-film. The story goes that Thor was sent by the god Odin to Earth to learn humility by living as a mortal without his divine powers. As Dr Donald Blake, he lived a quiet life without any memory of who he really was, until he discovers that he could transform himself into the mighty Thor and that the cane he used for a limp became the magical hammer Mjolnir. Ever since, he’s been living a double life as a blonde, bearded superhero and occasional member of The Avengers.

Now on to some CG Fantastic Four 2 stuff.

With the Silver Surfer possibly making a significant appearance in the FF2 movie, expectations are actually rising, for a decent film.

Vin Diesel was rumoured to be playing Silver Surfer, but director Tim Story has revealed that the character will be a CG creation. “The Surfer will be a new CGI design being developed especially for the movie,” he said. “It’s going to be incredible.”

Fantastic Four 2 will be released Summer 2007.

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