Knight Rider Returns

If quality and not ticket sales are any indication, revivals of old TV shows are improving dramatically. We’ve gone from The Mod Squad (1999) to Mission Impossible III (2006). I think that film didn’t live up to expectations, because of the changing landscape in the U.S. For one thing, as baby-boomers age, they simply don’t want to go to noisy theaters with young kids.

I have big hopes for the Knight Rider film, as I enjoyed the original series very much as a teen (at home). Here’s the the press release…

The Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to develop and produce a feature film based on the original hit television series “Knight Rider.” The rights were purchased from Glen A. Larson (“Knight Rider,” “Magnum P.I.” “Fall Guy,” “Battlestar Galactica”), the original creator of the television show, and he will write the script and executive produce the project through his production company Glen A. Larson Productions. David Price brought the project toThe Weinstein Company’s attention and will co-produce it. 

Based on the 1980’s hit television series, “Knight Rider” is a revenge story about a police investigator who is shot on the job and left to die. Nursed back to health by a mysterious millionaire, he regains consciousness a new man with a new face and a new name: Michael Knight. His mysterious benefactor provides Michael with equipment and support so that he can continue his crime fighting work and ultimately get revenge on the people who left him to die. 

Harvey Weinstein stated, “I am a huge fan of the original series and could not be happier that we’ve joined forces with Glen Larson to bring these iconic characters to the big screen.”

Larson stated, “Teaming up with Harvey and Bob, with their unparalleled success in motion pictures, gives Knight Rider an exciting opportunity to be a breakout franchise.”

The original hit television show ran on NBC from 1982 through 1986 and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight.

Production executives Brendan Deneen and Eric Robinson, will oversee the project on behalf of The Weinstein Company reporting to Michael Cole, co-president of production.

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