The Brazilian Job Update

Three years ago, a cool remake called The Italian Job, hit theaters sort of off-guard. It’s unique blend of comedy, suspense, and adventure was a home run for director F. Gary Gray, and it’s stars. Now the crew that swiped the rug from under us is back, and they want even more loot in The Brazilian Job.

Here’s what I know so far:

-Director of the 2003 hit, F. Gary Gray, is helming the sequel.

-The script was written by David Twohy, who directed one of my all-time favorite sci-fi flicks, The Arrival, as well as the original Pitch Black.

Mark Wahlberg returns as Charlie Croker, Charlize Theron as Stella Bridger, Mos Def as Left Ear, Jason “Transporter” Statham as Handsome Rob and Seth Green as Lyle. No word on Frankie G yet, but, as his star is rising after his appearance in Saw 2, my bet is he will return.

Nelson Machado, from the violent and realistic Argentinian film Carandiru, is in negotiations to join the cast.

-It’s currently pegged for a December 2006 release date, but that may be pushed back to Summer 2007. Most likely because the cast has other film obligations.

-All they had to tell me was Charlize Theron’s in it…I’m there.

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