New Clerks 2 Net Only Trailer Premiere Tonight

On August 18, 2006, Kevin Smith takes us back to where it all started for him – In fact, where it all started for many of us, really. A convenience store far, far away. While many of us were paying for college by figuring out where to put the Doritos chips, Kevin Smith was devising his first foray into film-dom. The seminal Clerks is what he came up with. And indie filmmaking would never be the same again.

Now, 12 years after we all sat and watched ourselves in the mirror, finally able to laugh, instead of weep for our futures, we go back to that little town in New Jersey to catch up with Jay, Silent Bob, Dante and the rest of the rollerblading crew.

Along with Smith-world veterans Brian O’Halloran, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes and “Silent” Smith himself, we have Rosario Dawson, comedienne Wanda Sykes and Kevin Weisman (Agent Marshall Flinkman on TV’s Alias) along for the ride.

Tonight, the Clerks 2 official web site will premiere a brand new teaser trailer for the film. You can link to the new trailer from the trailer section on the film’s web page RIGHT HERE

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