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Enter the Dragon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Extended Edition Composed by Lalo Schifrin CD


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SKU: 210219-85222-1
UPC: 651702636921
Part No: ALEPH048
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Enter the Dragon was the first martial arts film produced by Americans and would be actor Bruce Lee’s final film. Both the film and Schifrin’s score have earned cult followings in the 40 years since the initial release. The film was added to the National Film Registry in 2004. Kung Fu culture has proven to be a major influence on the development of hiphop culture, movies and music – and both the film and Lalo’s score are still recognized as major influencers. Even as recently as 2013, the group Blue Scholars released a song called “Lalo Schifrin”, boasting the lyric “I compose fight misic like Lalo Schifrin/Me and Bruce Lee, not so different.” Lee told Lalo that there was a 2,000-year tradition in martial arts,” Schifrin described his first meeting with the film’s star Bruce Lee. “He had to learn all of the rules in order to break them. Right away, I found we had that in common: I studies classical music, centuries of European classical tradition, rules and regulation, things that you can and cannot do. And then we break all the rules.”
– Lalo Schifrin


  • Prologue - The First Fight
  • Main Titles
  • Su-Lin (The Monk)
  • Sampans and Flashbacks
  • Han's Island
  • The Banquet
  • Headset Jazz
  • The Gentle Softness
  • Into The Night
  • Goodbye Oharra
  • Bamboo Birdcage
  • Han's Cruelty
  • The Human Fly
  • The Big Battle
  • Broken Mirrors
  • End Titles
  • Theme From Enter The Dragon
  • Main Titles (Alternate)


  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Runtime: 59 min

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CDSKU: 210219-85222-1
UPC: 651702636921
Part No: ALEPH048
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Condition: New