Ennio Morricone Film Music – Once Upon A Time in the West, Lolita, Cinema Paradiso + Many More

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This CD is a magnificent platform for the best film scores orchestrated and conducted in concert style by Ennio Morricone. This item showcases music composed, arranged and conducted by Morricone. It consists of the most beautiful themes take from some of his many scored, performed with reductions and orchestrations written by the Maestro himself for various music ensembles, from duets to quartests to stringed orchestras.


  • Il Était une Fois Dans l'Quest [From Once Upon A Time in the West]
    The Mission (Gabriel's Theme)
    Il Était une Fois en Amérique [From Once Upon A Time in America]
    L' Héritage [From l'Eredità Ferramonti]
    Disons, Un Soir À Dîner [From Metti, Una Sera a Cena]
    Le Maître et Marguerite [From il Maestro E Margherita]
    Le Pré [From il Prato]
    Le Sang du Châtiment [From Rampage]
    Moïse [From Mosè]
    Vertiges [From Per le Antiche Scale]
    Cinema Paradiso
    Le Désert des Tartares [From il DeSerto Dei Tartari]
    Enquête Sur un Citoyen Au-Dessus de Tout Soupçon [From Indagine Su ...]
    A L'Aube du Cinquième Jour [From Gott Mit Uns]


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