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11 copies – Burger King Adventures Leaflet Magazine – Pokemon – Volume 10 Issue 8 + Happy Meal Bags Bundle (1999)

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Pokemon BundleSKU: 180122-70053-1
Weight: 1.06 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Memorabilia
Genres: Adventure | Animation | Anime | Comedy | Comic Based | Family | Fantasy
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Featured here is an incredible bundle of Pokemon memorabilia, including 11 copies of Burger King Adventures Leaflet Magazine showcasing a Pokemon promotion from 1999. The issue is Volume 10 Issue Number 8 and has children’s game boards and trivia inside. Also included are 5 original Burger King paper bags that were used for Happy Meals in 1999, also showcasing various Pokemon characters.

Burger King Adventures is a leaflet published to showcase the fast food chain’s current kid’s toy promotions. The leaflet is 4 pages, with a front and back and 2 inside pages.

Featured Pokemon characters on this memorabilia include: Sandshrew; Jigglypuff; Meowth; Pikachu; Mew; Mewtwo; and others.

This is an extremely rare group of items for Pokemon fans.

The Leaflet Magazines are in great shape, with little wear from storage. They have been stored inside of clear plastic. The kid’s meal bags are in very good shape, with creases, bends and a few small tears. One has a fold at the top.


  • Pages: 4

Subject: Pokemon
Characters: Jigglypuff | Meowth | Mew | Mewtwo | Pikachu | Sandshrew

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Adventure | Animation | Anime | Comedy | Comic Based | Family | Fantasy | Memorabilia

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