Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD + DVD

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From out of a rotted tomb crawls the full score for the “film” Dracula (The Dirty Old Man)! Uncovered by archivist George Gimarc, these tapes, untouched for nearly 50 years and mislabelled “Sex Monsters,” are finally dusted off and cut to phonograph for your audible appreciation. And you’ve never heard the music sound this good–the sound that made it into the film is an utter stake through the heart. Rumor has it that the audio from the original cut was so bad that they went back and redubbed everything (à la Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily?) to comedic effect. Who knew that buried under all that jabberwocky was a funk leaning jazz soundtrack that really grooves? This album comprises the highlights of the film score accompanied by audio cues believed to be Whit Boyd instructing the musicians in what was likely a live performance while watching the film, with nearly a half-hour more of vampire grindin’ groove exclusive to the CD!

Special Features

  • Every minute previously unreleased outside of being buried in the mess of a film.
  • Organ lead groove with a swagger only the undead could muster.
  • Includes the entire infamous film on DVD and copious notes on the copulation conquests of Alucard!


  • Fast Music Trailer
  • Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) Theme
  • Peppy Music For A Dating Scene
  • Music For The Hummingbird
  • Chase Music For Girl In A Cave
  • Music Number Five
  • Three Minutes Of Love Music
  • Six Minutes Of Music To Make Love By
  • Music Number Four
  • Dracula’s Close Up


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