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Cradle 2 the Grave DVD Jet Li & DMX Martial Arts Action Movie

Currently Unavailable
DVDSKU: 170422-64617-1
UPC: 085392341122
ISBN-10: 0-7907-7260-4
Weight: 0.05 lbs
Condition: Very Good - The item is used but still in very good condition. There is little to no damage to the packaging, but it may have minor wear from storage over a long period of time. There may be minimal wear on the exterior of the item. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

Product Types: Products | Movies & TV
Formats: DVD
Genres: Action | Crime | Drama | Martial Arts | Thrillers
Studio: Warner Bros.
Original U.S. Release: February 28, 2003
Rating: R
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Martial arts sensation Jet Li teams with hip-hop star DMX in this action-packed adventure of a Taiwanese intelligence agent who finds himself uneasily allied with the leader of a crew of highly skilled thieves.When streetwise criminal Tony Fait (DMX) comes fist to fist with Su (Li), the two discover they have a common enemy: the rogue agent whom Su is pursuing has kidnapped Fait’s daughter. As ransom, the kidnapper demands a stash of black diamonds that Fait and his crew have stolen–but he wants the stones as part of a conspiracy to distribute a deadly new weapon of war. Now, no holds are barred in a battle from the Cradle 2 the Grave.

The item is in great condition, with slight wear from years of storage, along with a few bends and creases in the packaging.

Special Features

  • DMX Music Video "X Gon' Give It To Ya"
  • Ultimate Fighting Champions: Profiles of the movie's martial artists
  • Choreography of the Camera: Multi-angle fight sequence
  • The Descender Rig: New camera invention developed for this film
  • 2 hidden featurettes: Time Lapse Montage and Rear Projection
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Interactive Menus
  • Cast/Director/Writer Film Highlights
  • Scene Access
  • Enhanced features for your DVD-Rom PC


  • Runtime: 101
  • Region: 1
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Language: English, French
  • Aspect Ratio: widescreen

Cast: Andre Ware | Anthony Anderson | Beth Gains | Chic Daniel | Daniel Dae Kim | DMX | Doc' Newman | Doug Spearman | Drag-On | Gabrielle Union | Gwen McGee | Hari Dhillon | Hector Echavarria | Jake Muxworthy | James Hart | Jet Li | John Dohle | Johnny Nguyen | Julie du Page | Kelly Hu | Larry Joshua | Lester Speight | Marcus Young | Mark Dacascos | Martin Klebba | Matt Baker | Maximilian A. Mastrangelo | Michael Desante | Michael Jace | Paige Hurd | Paolo Mastropietro | Paolo Seganti | Peter J. Lucas | Randy Couture | Richard Trapp | Ron Yuan | Roxana Brusso | Sean Cory | Shawn Hollinger | Stephen Quadros | Theodore Touré Johnson Jr. | Tim Storms | Tito Ortiz | Tom Arnold | Tom McCleister | Wiley M. Pickett | Woon Young Park
Directors: Andrzej Bartkowiak

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