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Hopscotch Criterion Collection Special Editions



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DVDSKU: 170211-63003-1
UPC: 037429171929
Part No: HOP020
ISBN-10: 0-78002-605-5
Weight: 0.11 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Movies & TV
Lines: Cult Flavor | Throwback Space
Formats: Blu-ray | DVD
Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Spy Films | Thrillers
Studio: Criterion
Original U.S. Release: September 26, 1980
Rating: R
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Miles Kendig knows too much. One of the CIA’s top international operatives, he suddenly finds himself relegated to a desk job in an agency power play. Unwilling to go quietly, Kendig, with the aid of a chic Viennese widow, puts himself back in the game by writing a memoir exposing the innermost secrets of every major intelligence agency in the world. The CIA wants Kendig dead, but he refuses to cooperate—he’s having too much fun. Based on Brian Garfield’s best-selling novel, and starring the inimitable comic team of Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson, Ronald Neame’s Hopscotch is a smart and stylish tale of international intrigue and a cat-and-mouse comedy.

The inimitable comic team of Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson star in this nimble tale of international intrigue from master British filmmaker Ronald Neame. Based on Brian Garfield s best-selling novel, the blithe thriller centers on Miles Kendig (Matthau), a disillusioned retired CIA agent who, with the help of a chic and savvy Viennese widow (Jackson), threatens to publish his memoirs and expose the innermost secrets of every major intelligence agency in the world. Despite being in major hot water with his former colleagues, Kendig refuses to get in line he s having too much fun. Set to the sounds of Mozart, this lighthearted sendup of the paranoid dramas of its era is an expertly crafted, singular take on the spy movie.

Special Features

  • DVD Edition
  • Video introduction featuring interviews with director Ronald Neame and novelist and screenwriter Brian Garfield
  • Original theatrical trailer and teaser
  • The original television audio track, remixed for family viewing, presented as an alternate audio track
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired
  • Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer edition
  • New cover art by Christine Ditrio
  • New high-definition digital transfer, enhanced for widescreen televisions
  • Blu-ray Edition
  • New 2K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
  • Interviews from 2002 with director Ronald Neame and writer Brian Garfield
  • Walter Matthau in a 1980 appearance on The Dick Cavett Show
  • Trailer and teaser
  • Optional broadcast television audio track for family viewing
  • PLUS: An essay by critic Glenn Kenny


  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region: 1
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Audio: Monaural
  • Number of Discs: 1

Cast: David Matthau | George Baker | Glenda Jackson | Herbert Lom | Ivor Roberts | Lucy Saroyan | Ned Beatty | Sam Waterston | Severn Darden | Walter Matthau
Directors: Ronald Neame

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