Charade movie production photos

Check out these photos from the movie Charade. Director: Stanley Donen Cast: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Dominique Minot, Ned Glass, Jacques Marin, Paul Bonifas, Thomas Chelimsky

Twilight Zone event to include screenings and pop culture debate marking 50th Anniversary of cult series

October 2nd, 2009 marks the 50th Anniversary of Rod Serling’s sci-fi classic show The Twilight Zone, which almost single-handedly triggered the inclusion of the television sci-fi genre into the pop culture lexicon. On that night, illustrator, author and Twilight Zone scholar Arlen Schumer will be hosting a multimedia presentation called The Twilight Zone Forever at …

The Odd Couple Paramount Centennial Collection DVD review

Paramount recently released two more classic films from their library for the seminal Centennial Collection, a series that includes restored versions of the studio’s classics, along with thorough extras and bonus material. Many of the movies released rank among the best in American cinema, and The Odd Couple is one of those films.