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Cosplay: The Anime Costuming Handbook – Catgirls and Other Critters

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Why just draw your favorite anime character when you can be it? Cosplay-short for “costume play” – is sweeping the anime con scene from coast to coast, and once again we’re leading the way with a pair of books for both beginning and veteran cosplayers.

Volume 1 covers Catgirls, a favorite of fans from All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku to Hyper Police and great for purring and prowling. Volume 2 is all about Schoolgirls (think “Sailor Moon”) and how to make uniforms with just the right bouncy-skirt anime style.

Special Features

  • Each volume features:
  • Transforming ordinary fabric and accessories into fabulous contest winners
    Creating genre-specific costumes from scratch
    Duplicating your favorite characters or inventing your very own
    Cosplaying both for competition and just for fun
    Accessories from shoes to makeup
    Finding hard-to-get and imported items
    Patterns, measurements, and sewing techniques
    Money-saving tips and how-tos for cosplay on a budget
    Pointers on the care and transportation of costumes
    Resource lists, websites, where to find character models, etc
    Full-color photos, plans and drawings


  • Pages: 80
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