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Batman: The Animated Series Second Edition 2-CD Set – Original Soundtrack from the Warner Bros. Television Series

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CDSKU: 180130-70306-1
UPC: 826924121726
Part No: LLLCD1217
Weight: 1.02 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Cult Flavor | The Museum of Fantastic Art
Formats: CD
Genres: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comic Based | Crime | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Studio: DC Entertainment | La-La Land Records | Warner Bros.
Original U.S. Release: September 5, 1992
Rating: TV-PG
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Back by popular demand, La-La Land has re-issued its 2008 title for the legions of Batman: The Animated Series fans who missed out on this dynamite release’s initial debut. The thrilling orchestral music from the acclaimed Warner Bros. D.C. Comics animated series BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is unleashed again in this spellbinding 2-CD Limited Edition pressing. Composer Shirley Walker (WILLARD, MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN, FINAL DESTINATION 1-3, THE FLASH), along with Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuistion (BATMAN BEYOND, TEEN TITANS), and Danny Elfman’s iconic “Batman Theme,” revolutionized animated TV music with robust, full-blooded music that propelled BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to lofty critical and artistic heights, enriching the The Dark Knight’s legacy.

Special Features

  • Limited Edition of 5000 Units
  • CD booklet features in-depth liners and comments from writer/producer Paul Dini, along with composers Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Danny Elfman


  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Runtime: 62:02 - Disc One, 67:25 - Disc Two

Cast: Adrienne Barbeau | Arleen Sorkin | Efrem Zimbalist Jr. | John Vernon | Kevin Conroy | Loren Lester | Mark Hamill | Paul Williams | Robert Hastings
Project Name: Batman the Animated Series
Characters: Batman |
Composers: Danny Elfman | Lolita Ritmanis | Michael McCuistion | Shirley Walker

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