Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Launches Exclusively on PlayStation 5 (2024)

Game Releases | Feb 29, 2024

Sony Computer Entertainment, Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the new chapter in the epic Final Fantasy VII remake project, releases worldwide on February 29, 2024 exclusively for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. Having earned a Metacritic “Must-Play” award, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth garnered more than 50 perfect review scores from global gaming critics and has been heralded as “the best Final Fantasy of the century” by The Washington Post, “a must-play RPG” by Screen Rant and “awe-inspiring” by IGN.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, players take on the role of mercenary Cloud Strife and his comrades as they pursue legendary swordsman Sephiroth, a haunting figure from Cloud’s past bent on ruling the planet, across a vast and vibrant world rife with danger, adventure, joy and uncertainty. These unlikely heroes, including beloved, iconic characters Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII, join forces with new companions like the spirited ninja operative Yuffie and the wisecracking, feline-shaped robot Cait Sith.