The 100 Most Wanted Women on the net

[poll id=”6″] Recently, the world’s first wiki-based database of famous women, named the top 100 most searched for women on the site. Topping the list of this year’s most-searched women is Jessica Alba. Chickipedia receives over 1,000,000 unique visitors every month. It is entirely user-generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, ….

Sexiest Women of the Summer Screen

Anyone out there enjoy Summer films for the sexy women in them? Raise your uh…hands. There’s a great feature over at AOL called The Sexiest Women of the Summer Screen, that includes photos, the films these talented beauties are appearing in and some other written material about, uh (well, actually didn’t get that far, but ….

Smokin’ Aces Trailer

This film reminds me of Lucky Number Slevin in it’s pacing. It looks great! A mix between whatAssassins could have been (a great script by The Wachowski Brothers turned into a way to clean film) and what Domino was (a gritty, original story, played raw by Keira Knightley and directed even more raw by Tony Scott). When a Las Vegas performer-turned-snitch named Buddy ….