New York Comic-Con to hold in-person, scaled down event this Fall


CNBC just reported that Reed Pop, the company behind New York Comic-Con, has plans to hold an in-person event this October, bucking the trend of other pop culture events remaining virtual for 2021.

I felt that something was up yesterday when I visited the official website for NYCC and found that it was no longer forwarding to the virtual-only Metaverse website. My suspicions were further raised when I saw the dates October 7-10, 2021 and the location indicated as Javits Center.

Unfortunately, it looks like the event will be dramatically scaled down, meaning tickets will likely be scarce.

The news follows announcements made by the organizers of San Diego Comic Con to hold an all-virtual event during their traditional summer time slot, but with a promise to host a scaled down in-person event in late fall.

I wish them luck, we need more normalcy to return to the pop culture universe.


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sources: CNBC