Details on The Internet’s Own Boy multi-platform release


aaron-swartz-internets-own-boy-documentary-film-images-noah-berger-photosFilmBuff and Participant Media have announced the multi-platform release of their compelling new documentary, The Internet’s Own Boy this Friday, June 27th followed by a broadcast television premiere on Participant’s television network, Pivot, later in 2014.

Theatrically, The Internet’s Own Boy will open exclusively at the IFC Center in New York and at the Sundance Cinemas in Los Angeles as well as theaters in 15 other markets nationwide. The documentary will also be available to rent on all VOD platforms including Vimeo On Demand, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast and DirecTV and, for the first month of release, will be offered to own exclusively through Vimeo On Demand Here.

The Internet’s Own Boy tells the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz’s help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was Swartz’s groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two-year legal nightmare. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26.

“We wanted to bring Aaron’s story to as many people as possible, so the day The Internet’s Own Boy debuts in theaters, we are also offering the film across a variety of digital services and platforms in a model fitting with what Aaron architected and stood for” said Brian Knappenberger, Director, “The Internet’s Own Boy.”

Aaron’s story touched a nerve with people far beyond online communities. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties. Participant Media will leverage awareness of Aaron’s story to launch a social action campaign, timed to the film’s release, encouraging audiences to demand better oversight in the U.S. justice system.

The Internet’s Own Boy was directed, written and produced by Brian Knappenberger (We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists), Executive produced by Charles Annenberg Weingarten, and composed by John Dragonetti.

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