Cult classic Miami Connection having NYC midnight screenings this weekend


Cult classic martial arts parody flick Miami Connection, called “the greatest achievement in ’80s martial arts anti-sanity,” will have midnight screenings this Friday (November 9th) at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, co-presented by Machinima and FilmDrunk.

Drafthouse Films discovered Miami Connection after a chance blind eBay purchase of a rare 35mm print for $50. To their surprise, the film unanimously thunderstruck the Alamo Drafthouse audience by its sincerity and sheer, unstoppable fun. Miami Connection was produced by Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster and inspirational speaker Y.K. Kim, who set out to earnestly change the world with his story about a multi-national martial arts synth rock band Dragon Sound, who must defend their turf against cocaine-dealing ninja bikers. The film was a massive failure upon its limited Orlando-only theatrical release in 1987 and vanished into complete obscurity until the Drafthouse Films chance eBay transaction 25 years later.

Check out the trailer for Miami Connection, below and CLICK HERE for tickets and more information on this weekend’s screenings.


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